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Careers in Psychology Article

Here is the link to an article I recently contributed to: http://careersinpsychology.org/looking-advice-psychology-professors-key-tips-students

Things Women Need to Know About Negotiating

Negotiating is something all women have to do at some time or another. Dr. Hannah Bowles research has discovered some key insights women who are negotiating can learn and hopefully make the negotiating more successful. "4 Things Every Powerful Woman Should Know About Negotiation" By Susan McPherson (Forbes.com) At this year’s Forbes Women’s Summit, hundreds of amazing women will come together to define what power means today. A big theme of the summit is entrepreneurship, with each woman bringing a unique story of how she employed an entrepreneurial approach to make change happen. Of course, being entrepreneurial isn’t just ...

Are Psychological Checkups in Your Future


Is therapy for me?

This video will help you understand how therapy can be helpful and if it is something you might want to try.   VIDEO: How does psychotherapy help?